London, hollywood star says speaking out could negatively impact his career but "this is very vital black lives have always. The london community foundation lcf has pulled it support for the back to river project a $10 million plan to revitalize, during wednesday's "red table talk " lauren london opened up about nipsey hussle's legacy and the trauma of gun violence. The middlesex london health unit reported one death and two new cases of covid 19 across the region thursday bringing the, police start investigation into harlesden attack as victims taken to hospital. The police killing of george floyd has resonated around the world in london some 4 000 miles from where floyd died in, "star wars" actor john boyega made an emotional speech to protesters in london's hyde park where demonstrators gathered in.

Sophie walsh and ben avery were covering black lives matter demonstrations when they were set upon in separate attacks, richard harrison spent two decades renovating a former theatrical space in the city's camberwell neighborhood. Sophie walsh was assaulted by a man shouting "allahu akbar" while her colleague ben avery was chased down a street by an, prince william and prince harry are on speaking terms again and the future king royal is concerned about his younger brother.

Thousands of people joined together in the capital city to protest on wednesday it's after the death of george floyd in the

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